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What should my Child Wear for Photo Day at their Preschool in New Plymouth?

What to Wear guide for Children at Daycares, Kindergartens & Early Childhood Centres on Photo Day in Taranaki.

It's important to Celebrate your Child's Unique Personality and capture them Just as they are Now. That includes their Expressions, their various Moods, and helping Build their Confidence by rejoicing in who they are.

Choice of clothing for photo day is important. Here's what we recommend your child should wear:

  1. Wear block colours - bright colours are welcome.

  2. Textures (ruffles, buttons, jeans & woolen knits) look great

  3. Layers & Accessories work well. Think scarves, headbands, hair clips.

  4. One bright accent feature as a colour-pop can also work really well for photos.

  5. For warm weather days, a basic bright coloured t-shirt and denims or complimentary shorts or skirts would look great!

Please AVOID:

  1. Clothing with text, logos and busy patterns

  2. Clothing with large images that are currently trending - they will detract from your child's gorgeous face (I'm talking about Elsa, Paw Patrol, Spiderman, etc). In saying that, we want your child to be as happy as possible, so if they won't leave the house without that Elsa dress, then we'll go with the flow, no problem.

  3. Clothing that does not fit well. We know how fast kids grow at this age! So try on their photo-day clothes a few days before to make sure it's not tight.

Preparing your Child for Photo Day

It's always a good idea to talk to your child and prepare them for the upcoming photo day. Let them know what to expect, especially if they've never had photos taken by a professional photographer before.

I aim to capture a variety of their natural expressions - laughing, giggling, making silly faces, even serious ones - are all part of getting their personality documented.

Let your child know that the photographer will take a few photos of them sitting or standing and they'll have lots of fun making silly faces for me. They make even get to show me around the centre, and all the things they love to climb, swing and play with.

Your child may be a little nervous about photo day and meeting a new face. If the centre allows it, they may be able to bring along a snuggly or special toy for the photos to help them feel ,more secure.


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