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Top 5 Must-Have Photos for your Business in New Plymouth

If you're a Business owner, there are certain photos that you NEED to connect with your customers. Whether it's for your Website, Social Media or Sales Brochures, these are the 5 most-important photos to keep in your database.

1. The Headshot

This is your Profile pic, also known as your Headshot. This can be formal or casual, depending on who you're speaking to (aka your ideal client). This business owner caters to mums, and her business has a calm, relaxed vibe.

2. The Work-Shot

This is a sneak-peak of You doing all the things you do everyday to make your business amazing. Clients don't often realise how much effort goes into the thing they want to purchase. So, letting them peak behind-the-scenes helps them connect with you & gives them an appreciation of what its like to work with you.

3. The Product-Shot

Every business owner must have a photo with the product or service they offer. Don't you think? It is definitely a signature must-have photo.

4. The Detail-Shot

This kind of behind-the-scenes photo gets up-close & personal, with details of how you create and curate your products and services. Notice the difference in vibe with the close-up shots versus the zoomed-out shots.

5. The Lifestyle-Shot

This shot takes the focus away from your product and zooms in on the face behind the business. This is such an important tool to help you connect with your client. People buy from people. And sharing these photos, along with telling these parts of your story helps them know you, like you & trust you more.

Connection is at the core of why we do Personal Branding photos. These 5 signature photos are a must-have for all Business Owners in Taranaki, to create connection with your ideal client & sky-rocket your sales.

Interested in Personal Branding Photos for your Taranaki Business? Get in touch

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