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I made a Big (bready) Mess!

My husband usually makes bread for us- in the bread maker (He's our bread-winner & bread-maker haha!)

Having 5 out of 6 people in our home with allergies to Gluten & Dairy makes store-bought bread very expensive ($8 each x 3 loaves per week!! Aaaarrrgghhh! Too much!)

But His bread was just not sweet enough.

So I decided to bake this week.

And I added A LOT of sugar (I didn't even measure... stupid, right?)

About 90 minutes into the process, I could smell burning, followed by steam shooting out of the breadmaker.

I opened the windows (at 5 am, in the freezing cold), hoping it would stop.

But there was more & more smoke!

Not to mention the other chaos- my 2 year old was awake & crying for breakfast. And my 5 year old was awake & asking me a hundred questions. As kids do.

I was starting to panic.

I opened the bread maker (so bloody hot!!) & found that the dough was rising uncontrollably, falling onto the heating element and burning.

Taking the bread-pan out of the breadmaker, I tried to push the dough back in.

But it was useless!

It was sticky, and messy and wasn't AT ALL what I had planned!

Then suddenly I had a brainwave.

I scooped out spoonfuls of the dough, dunked them onto a baking tray & baked them in the oven (with a little help from google).

My "slice-bread disaster" turned into Yummy Bread-Rolls!

(They were so good that my kids & I finished them in one day! New record in our home!)

It reminded me of this fact, that:

God can take our Disasters, our Mess, our most Hopeless situations & turn them into something Beautiful.

If you are in the middle of a messy situation, take comfort in the fact that you are Loved by a God who can bring about good in ANY circumstance.

All you need to do is ask.

Then trust Him to work things out in His perfect time.

"And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28

Go Shine Your Light!


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