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Seed Prophesy

Updated: 4 days ago

You've been a seed, lying dormant under the ground.

Maybe you've been afraid and anxious, angry or doubtful. Just waiting in the dark, for a long time.

And unbeknownst to you, God has been preparing the ground for you.

Ploughing the field, adding fertilizer, watering the garden, sowing other seeds besides you that are also ready to grow; seeds of different plants that are a support to you or who you will support and grow alongside.

While you are waiting in the dark, He is preparing you- your heart, your mind, your body- to face the outside world. He has sheltered you from many a storm, although you had no idea coz you couldn't see from below the soil.

And now, the time is right. Everything has been prepared and He is calling you, out of the ground and into the light.

New shoots are growing, pushing out of the soil, peeking out cautiously.

And then strtching out, smiling, radiating with joy - for you know that this is EXACTLY who you're meant to be and what you're meant to do.

He has planted you in exactly the right spot for you to grow and for you to help others grow.

And what a joy it is to be here, to look around and see others at various stages of this journey.

To inspire & to be inspired;

To encourage & to be encouraged;

To supprt & to be supported;

To grow, to love, to belong;

To fit in & to stand out -

In God's garden of Beautiful, Unique plants that fill the world with Dazzling Colour & Joy.

We're all meant to shine as God's children.

Some of us are called to bear fruit;

Some are called to be flowers & bring joy to others;

Some are called to be herbs & give flavour to life;

Some are called to be veggies & medicinal plants and bring health & healing.

We are all planted in the right place at the right time by our Master Gardener.

He delights in each of us & loves us more than we will ever know or understand.

-Kadisha Mara

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