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What to Wear for my Maternity Session in New Plymouth

Updated: Jan 18

Wondering what to wear to highlight & flatter your baby bump? Read on for expert tips on selecting the perfect outfit that will make you feel confident and radiant during your maternity session.

As you eagerly await the arrival of your newborn, capturing the beauty of your baby bump in a maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate this special journey.

1. Opt for Flowing Fabrics

Choose fabrics that drape gracefully over your curves, such as chiffon, silk, or jersey. Flowing fabrics add an ethereal touch to your photos, accentuating your baby bump's beauty while allowing movement for elegant and candid shots.

2. Embrace Empire Waists

Empire waist dresses or tops sit just below the bust, gently skimming over your baby bump. This style elegantly emphasizes your bump while providing a comfortable and flattering fit.

3. Wrap Dresses and Tops

Wrap-style dresses and tops offer a versatile option for maternity photoshoots. They provide a customizable fit that flatters your changing body shape, while the V-neckline elongates your silhouette and draws attention to your bump.

4. Maxi Dresses

A well-fitted maxi dress can beautifully showcase your baby bump. Opt for a dress that cinches under the bust and flows down, creating a stunning silhouette that highlights your pregnancy glow.

5. Monochromatic Looks

Wearing a single color from top to bottom can create a sleek and elongated effect. Choose a color that complements your skin tone and reflects the ambiance you want to convey in your photos.

6. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Elevate your look with delicate accessories that enhance your outfit without overpowering it. Consider a statement necklace, delicate bracelets, or a flower crown to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

7. Consider Patterns

If you're drawn to patterns, opt for subtle and small-scale designs that don't overwhelm. Patterns can add visual interest to your photos while maintaining the focus on your beautiful baby bump.

8. Show Off Your Bump's Curves

Choose outfits that gently hug your bump's curves without feeling restrictive. This helps accentuate your bump's natural shape and create a flattering silhouette.


Your maternity photoshoot is a celebration of a beautiful journey that you're embarking on. By selecting outfits that embrace flowing fabrics, empire waists, wrap styles, and monochromatic looks, you'll create a stunning visual narrative of your pregnancy. Most importantly, remember to choose outfits that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and truly radiant. Your baby bump is a symbol of the incredible journey you're on, and your photos will beautifully capture this magical moment in time.

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