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5 Fun Valentine's Day ideas for busy Families with Kids

Stuck indoors this Valentine's Day? Here are some easy & fun things to do with the family:

#1 Make a Valentine's Day Mailbox

This is a great one for families with kids of various age groups. The adults and big kids can write little love notes to each other and the little kids can draw their notes. This works best if everyone writes to every member of the family. Then you can post your notes in a "mailbox" - which can be as simple as a cookie jar or as complex as a handpainted cardboard one. One person is appointed the postman and delivers the letters to the recipient. I can't tell you how good it feels to receive these letters!

P.S. You may want to save them in the same cookie jar & make this a yearly Valentine's tradition.

#2 Make Heart-shaped Food

This can be anything from heart-shaped pizza to heart-shaped cookies, heart-shaped sandwiches to heart-shaped cake. You can even arrange veggies and fruit on a platter in the shape of a heart. Get creative :-)

#3 Make Love-Monsters

Recycle supermarket paperbags by painting them red (or purple or green) and draw a cute monster-face on each of them. This is a great craft activity & will keep the kids entertained for a while. Once they're ready, fill each bag with favourite snacks, cut out heart confetti, love letter, paper-hugs, whatever!

#4 Host a "Fancy" Family Party

Set the table with special table-mats, plates, cutlery- get the kids to help- they love doing this sorta thing! You could even turn it into a candle-light dinner if your kids are old enough to not set the place on fire! Serve those heart-shaped pizzas or baked beans on heart-shaped bread- it doesn't matter what you serve- the quality time will be appreciated by everyone.

#5 Click Pictures together

As a photographer, I will tell you that this is one you must not skip. Family moments like these are worth celebrating & remembering. When scuffles arise, its easy to forget how much everyone loves each other. Photographs are proof of these happy times and can be very healing in difficult situations. I always encourage people to print their photographs for exactly this reason. What is the point of having these memories on a usb stick that will someday be obsolete?

All that said, I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day, celebrating it with the people you love the most!



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