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Why I Ditched IPS for The Simple Sales System: A Busy Mompreneur's Story

Updated: Mar 8

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Personal Struggle & IPS Frustrations:

As a mom of four little ones, including a child with special needs, juggling life and photography was a constant battle. While the IPS system brought in decent income, the process felt overwhelming:

1. Endless meetings

  • In-person consultations and sales meant stressful house cleaning (with messy toddlers!) and the anxiety of phone calls (a common creative struggle!).

2. Procrastination monster:

  • The lengthy, personalized IPS process was hard to track with my ADHD, leading to delays and lost sales.

3. Reschedule nightmare:

  • Life throws curveballs (sick kids, COVID!), and frequent rescheduling with IPS added guilt and mental exhaustion.

The Simple Sales System to the Rescue:

This system transformed my business by:

1. Streamlining the workflow:

  • It provided a clear, repeatable process with automated tasks (freeing up my time and brain!).

2. Kissing goodbye to scheduling stress:

  • No more house cleaning anxieties or phone call dread! I could work on my own time and avoid guilt from rescheduling.

3. Boosting confidence & income:

  • With a smooth system and reduced stress, I confidently took on more clients, leading to increased income.

**Annemie Tonken, the genius behind this system, teaches it in a clear, practical way. It's a lifesaver, and I wouldn't promote it if I wasn't 100% thrilled.

Ready to revolutionize your sales & reclaim your peace? Check out The Simple Sales System using my affiliate code and give yourself the gift of freedom and success!

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