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The Process

Black and white photo of cute little girl, full of personality, bright eyes, toothy grin, soft and chubby hands and cheeks, curly hair and sequinned bow in her hair


Because you blink and they're all grown up.

So. Damn. Fast.


There they were... snuggled up in your arms, and suddenly they're off to school, then college, and before you know it, they're raising little ones of their own!

The portraits on your wall & the memories in your heart become your most prized possession.

Do the photoshoot. You won't regret it. I promise.


The short answer? Now.

The right answer? Depends on you and your needs (newborns arrive whenever they please after all!).

Autumn is my favourite time of year for outdoor shoots, Winter and snow help create stunning portraits when the weather is good. Spring is awesome for splashing-about-in-the-rain sessions and then for getting portraits done before Christmas (presents, anyone?). Indoor shoots can happen all year-round and are great for bad weather days.

Mornings are generally best for little kids- before nap times & "hangry" times (You know I'm talking about you adults too though, right?! Wink wink!)


I'm generally booked out a month in advance, so if you have a date by which you need your photos, please contact me at the earliest & let me know what you need.

Dad lifting little boy up in the air as he pretends to be a superhero and exhibits a huge smile, while mom holds onto dad and looks on with glee
2 big sisters lovingly holding their premature newborn special-needs little brother, with cheeky smiles and matching outfits


New Zealand is beautiful outdoors when the weather plays ball. I have a few favourite spots around town and am open to your family favourite hang-outs as well :-)

With newborns and toddlers, its best to have the shoot indoors where it is warm and dry. My home-studio is fully equipped to make mums, dads, babies & kids feel comfortable and happy. 


There are toys and books to keep little explorers busy, while you breastfeed/ bottle feed/ tube-feed your babies (and have a cuppa to relax).

It's ok to let your hair down a bit & celebrate this time in your life.


Hi, I'm your photographer, Kadisha :-)

Based in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand.

I was always the girl with the camera in Architecture college, taking pictures of buildings at funny angles, getting my friends to pose for pictures & wearing the brightest colours to "stand-out" in the crowd.

A decade later, bright colours and happy faces still light me up. Quality time is my love-language. And getting to know people and capturing their personalities on camera is what I love doing best :-)

My very sweet (and sometimes annoying) husband Malcolm and I live in New Plymouth with our 4 kids under the age of 6. Each of them is wonderfully unique and it is a joy to discover & scaffold their individuality and growth (and yup, I'm often tearing my hair out too, thanks for asking!!!)

My favourite thing to do is to journal, paint, listen to podcasts & audibles, sing & silly-dance with my kids..

Oh wait, that's a lot of favourite things. But, who's counting, right?

Short-haired woman with a big joyful smile, holding a camera

Get Your Photo Taken

Book a session with with me and let's get professional photos off your to-do list!

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