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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Store Credit/ Print Credit & how can I use it?

Store credit (or Print Credit) is a dollar amount that you can spend in our online gallery store. For example, if you purchase a package that includes a $600 store credit, it means that you can spend upto $600 on items such as canvases, framed prints, greeting cards, etc. without paying anything extra.

You can choose to spend more than your Store Credit and just pay for the difference. So, in the above example if your total order is $650, you need to only pay the additional $50 at checkout.


How does Print Credit/ Store Credit work?

Store Credit (Print Credit) is essentially a voucher that can be applied at checkout.

For example, if your package includes a $2000 print credit, & your total order is $2499, all you need to do is apply the correct discount code at checkout and your final amount payable will reduce to $499.


Can I use my Store Credit to buy additional Digital Files?

Absolutely! Each Package includes a set number of digital files + print credit amount. This is to encourage you to get something printed - coz that's the fastest way to raise the bar of confidence in your kids. Nevertheless if you would like to use your print credit towards buying additional digital files, you can totally do that too.

The best way to do that would actually be to upgrade your package- that way you get more digitals, more store credit to spend on printed products- you & your kids are both happy. Win-win!


Can I buy a smaller Package now & upgrade later?

Yes you can! I cannot tell you the number of times clients have bought the small or medium package -and after seeing the gallery decide that they actually want so much more! So yes, it's really easy to upgrade your package in your online store- no need for back & forth emails- you can do it all from the comfort of your computer.


What kind of Products do you offer & what can I do with them?

Heirloom quality Canvases & Framed Prints that make Beautiful pieces of Art for your walls.

Gorgeous Albums & Books that are great conversation starters.

And if you're looking for Grandparent gifts- Notecards & Wall Calendars are a great choice.


What if I'm stuck/overwhelmed with choosing photos/ ordering artwork/ figuring sizes etc.?

No question is a silly question. I will send you bite-sized video trainings to help you with all this stuff. If you're still stuck or confused, reach out to me via email/ text/ WhatsApp. I will hop onto a zoom call with you, share my screen and help you out. Just remember, I am here to empower you and make this process as easy for you as possible.

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